Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Process

Process Details-

Machine Type-        Batch Process System.                                                                         
Feeding Material-   Scrap Tyre.                                                                               
Fuel-                       Wood, Gas, Coal or Oil.                                                                                         
Reactor Capacity-  5/10/12 tons.


The waste Tyres are feed into the reactor vessel and initial heat is provided with the help of wood, gas, coal or oil under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure.

The process will bring about molecular restructuring of the rubber and convert into the vapors and gases. This vapours and gases will flow into vapor gas separating tank. Then, these vaporized gases are passed through heat exchanger and convert that vapor into liquid in the form of Tyre oil. During the process we also get pyro gases, so we use this gases for heating of reactor in the later stage of the process and we burn the exceed gases in the burning room.

During the process, carbon black and steel are also extracted. The heat exchanger use water for cooling as a condensing medium and this water is re-circulated through process. We pull-out carbon black from reactor and put into packaging bags. The oil automatically collects in the machine storage tank. At the end we pull out steel wires from the reactor.